Industries Served

Water Testing for Hospitality businesses


We help with the basic water supply for the hospitality industry. We ensure that clients are aware of the presence of substances in water that do not look good like iron.


Bacteriological, arsenic, nitrates.



We want to ensure that conditions are good for both the water supply and the waste water.

Because this is dealt with on a case-by-case basis, we would encourage you to call to inquire.

water testing for water systems management

Water Systems Management

This industry includes: mutual systems, and municipal systems.

Testing applications


Monitoring wells for other companies they are maintaining for customers.


Bacteriological, arsenic, nitrates, and epa testing.


Pump/Well Companies

The pump and well companies deal with the water supply for their various clients.

There have been requests for Chromium 6 testing. Clients will call us and ask for a bottle and instructions on how to collect. The state sends out a monitoring schedule that we can work on with the clients to complete all tests necessary.


Bacteriological, arsenic, nitrates, irrigation well set



We ensure water suitability for the agricultural industries.

Testing applications


Farmers need to make sure there isn’t too much boron in the water because it browns plants. Too much minerals in the water can cause sprinkler problems.


Irrigation well set, boron.


Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

This industry includes: small/large wineries, breweries, and distilleries. We want to ensure that the water supply and water waste is taken care of.

Testing applications

Water Supply Treatment & Testing

Owners of wineries/breweries/distilleries will want to run a bacteriological test for the water supply.

Irrigation Testing

For Wineries in particular, continuous water testing for the presence of unwanted bacteria, unanticipated ph levels as well as the correct levels of nitrogen and phosphorous.


Bacteriological, TSS, pH, Nitrogen panel



This industry includes: municipal, country, state, and federal.


Bacteriological, arsenic, nitrates, pollution tests, waste water analysis, biological oxygen demand.



This industry includes: homeowners, renters, and real estate agents.Bacteriological testing every six months for residential.

We want to ensure the safety of residential water supply from wells and water systems.

Testing applications

Annual Testing

Bacteriological testing every six months for residential. We want to ensure the safety of residential water supply from wells and water systems.

New Homeowner

Moving into a new home you should always run an initial check of well water and septic.

Selling a Home

When selling your home you should always run a standard series of well water and septic tests in an effort to avoid any unseen issues during the closing process.


Bacteriological, arsenic, nitrates, drinking water well set, irrigation well set