What We Do


Brelje & Race Laboratories, Inc. is a family-owned water testing laboratory. We serve a variety of industries and will test based upon your needs. We strive for efficiency and preciseness as we process each of your test results.


General Services include:

  • Bacteriological analysis
  • Fish bioassays
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Metals, mineral, and physical analysis
  • Biological and chemical oxygen demand
  • Volatile and semi-volatile organic analysis (herbicides, pesticides, PCBs, solvents, etc)
  • Complete sample collection and scheduling to meet monitoring requirements
  • Emergency sampling and results and critical analysis
  • Rush sample results

Water quality testing has become more and more difficult with the increase in the number of chemicals being used by industries and households, not to mention new regulations coming out. With all of these challenges, you can be confident in knowing Brelje & Race Laboratories will be there to monitor all of those many environmentally relevant compounds so you don’t have to.



Chances are, you use water every day, and drink it at least as often. At Brelje & Race Laboratories, we think it’s important to know what’s in your water, at home and at the office. Testing the makeup of your water, from hardness to pH balance to contaminants, is the first step to assuring it’s fresh and delicious every day.