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Brelje and Race Laboratories is a family-owned water testing laboratory located in Santa Rosa, California. We offer a large selection of tests to cater to your water testing needs.


Brelje and Race Laboratories, Inc., established in 1967 by Walter Brelje and William Race, is the oldest water testing laboratory in Northern California. The lab was originally established to provide biological and chemical analysis for drinking water supply and distribution systems, sewage treatment systems, and industrial waste monitoring. The testing capabilities have grown through the years as the regulatory requirements for water quality monitoring have expanded and become stricter.

The lab is still owned by William Race and is operated as a family business.

Services to our industry include:

  • Surveillance and monitoring programs for pollution control
  • Certified analysis in conjunction with discharge requirements

Services to communities, agencies, and public include:

  • Administration and scheduling of state-mandated monitoring schedules for water supply, sewage systems, industrial waste discharge, agricultural discharge, and surface water from all sources
  • Residential well safety analysis and regulatory mandated testing schedules for private/public drinking water systems
  • Agricultural suitability analysis for irrigation systems and crop health

Brelje and Race Laboratories, Inc. is certified by the State of California through the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). ELAP requires continual proof of capabilities, quality control, and procedures to maintain certification.


Brelje and Race Laboratories is comprised of 16 employees.

  • Hal Race – General Manager
  • Jill Brodt – Laboratory Director
  • Jaime Lynch – Principal Analyst
  • Don Gers – Laboratory Technician
  • Sara McCallum Laboratory Technician
  • Janette Lugo – Laboratory Technician
  • Mageed Ibrahim – Laboratory Technician
  • Lisa Surber – Principal Analyst
  • Linda Adams – Project Manager
  • Andrew Marshall – Field Technician
  • Nancy Molettieri – Accounting



ELAP (Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) Certified Drinking Water and Wastewater Laboratory.

Certificate Number: 1243

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California Water Boards.

State Water Resources Control Board. Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

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