Testing Applications


Brelje and Race has been offering affordable drinking water testing to homeowners, renters & real estate agents for almost 50 years. Certain contaminants can make their way into your water system without you even knowing. It’s important to be aware of specific toxins that can have serious affects on your physical health if consumed over long periods of time. Find out more about how Brelje & Race tests water in residential areas.


Wineries and breweries need to monitor the quality of their water for constituents that may affect the quality of their production. It is important to adhere to the regulatory monitoring schedules that may be required governing surface water run-off. Find out more about how Brelje & Race can help your winery or brewery maintain clean water and stay up to date with federal regulations.

Pump/Well Companies

Pump/Well companies often need to certify that the wells & water systems they service & monitor, comply with regulatory standards. Regulations vary by location, which is why it’s important to consult with a professional so that they can comply with the correct regulatory health and safety standards. Find out more about the┬ávarious tests Brelje & Race and perform for Pump and Well companies.

Water Systems Management

Water system operators must adhere to regulatory requirements and assure that the water supply is safe for human consumption. Municipal, state, and federal agencies regulate water systems for water quality and usually track routine testing through chemical monitoring schedules that clearly define the testing requirements for the specific water supply. Find out how Brelje & Race can help aid water system operators in routine water testing and the specific tests required to adhere to federal and government regulations.



Industrial/Textile manufacturing uses massive amounts of water during day to day operations. This chemical based industry must assure regulators that water discharged into holding ponds or sewage systems is free from toxins. Brelje & Race can assure your business stays up to date with government and local California regulations. Find out professionals at Brelje & Race can enhance your business with specific water testing.


The water profile is important to identify conditions existing in water that may harm plants. Excessive salts or boron could be slowly killing your crops and directly affecting your business. Brelje & Race can also test soil to ensure your plants are going to thrive in their current environment. Find out more about the various tests we can provide for the agricultural industry and protect your crops from harm.